Hopp til innholdet

Oral on the beach

Two young surfers sitting on a beach

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As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting an array of warm colors over the serene beach, two men, John and
David, found themselves alone in a secluded corner of the sandy shore. Their naked bodies glistened under the soft
glow of the evening’s last rays, as they embraced each other passionately, their lips locked together in an
intense kiss.

John’s hands explored David’s muscular back, while David’s fingers slid down to cup John’s firm buttocks. The
ocean waves crashed gently nearby, providing a soothing soundtrack for the intimate scene unfolding before them.
As their tongues danced and entwined, the men began to explore each other’s bodies more fully, hands roaming over
smooth skin and well-defined muscles.

David broke the kiss, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he moved down John’s body, planting kisses along the
way. He stopped at John’s erect cock, taking it in hand and stroking it gently while he continued to descend
further, kissing and licking his way down John’s chiseled abs and torso until finally reaching his target.

John watched eagerly as David took the entire length of his cock into his mouth, swallowing it with ease before
beginning a slow, rhythmic sucking motion that sent shivers of pleasure through John’s body. He moaned loudly,
arching his back to push more of himself into David’s mouth. The feeling was indescribable; the warmth, the
wetness, and the sheer skill with which David used his tongue made it impossible for John to hold back any longer.

As David continued to expertly suck on John’s cock, he moved one hand around to John’s ass, sliding a finger
between his cheeks and gently probing at his tight hole. John gasped at the sensation, his hips bucking
involuntarily as David began to massage his entrance with slow, circular motions.

David could feel John’s body tense beneath him, so he pulled back for a moment, allowing John to catch his breath.
He then replaced his finger with two, pushing them inside gently but firmly, stretching and preparing John for the
pleasure that awaited him.

John couldn’t help but moan loudly as David continued to finger his ass, sliding his fingers in and out with
increasing speed and pressure. His cock throbbed in David’s mouth, leaking pre-cum onto the other man’s tongue. He
knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer; the sensation was simply too intense.

As if sensing John’s impending orgasm, David quickened his pace, sucking harder on John’s cock while fingerfucking
him relentlessly. In that moment, with the ocean breeze blowing over their naked bodies and the sun setting behind
them, they were completely lost in each other, oblivious to everything else around them.

With a cry of pure ecstasy, John felt his cock explode in David’s mouth, filling it with hot, thick cum that he
eagerly swallowed down. His entire body trembled as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him, leaving him
breathless and panting for more.

David continued to suck on John’s cock even as it began to soften, drawing out every last drop of cum before
finally releasing it from his mouth with a satisfied pop. He looked up at John, a wicked grin spreading across his
face as he asked, “Your turn?”

John nodded eagerly, ready and willing to reciprocate the pleasure that David had just given him. He moved down
between David’s legs, taking hold of his erect cock with one hand while using the other to spread his ass cheeks
apart, exposing his tight, puckered hole.

As John began to suck on David’s cock, he could feel the other man trembling beneath him, moaning loudly as he
felt the warmth and wetness enveloping his most sensitive area. Just like before, John took every inch of David’s
cock into his mouth, swallowing it whole before starting a slow, rhythmic sucking motion that had the other man
gasping for breath.

While continuing to suck on David’s cock, John moved one hand around to his ass, sliding a finger between his
cheeks and gently probing at his entrance. He could feel it tightening around his finger as he pushed inside,
stretching him wide open in preparation for what was to come.

David moaned loudly, arching his back off the sandy ground as John began to fingerfuck him with increasing speed
and pressure. His cock throbbed wildly in John’s mouth, leaking pre-cum onto his tongue as he struggled not to cum
too soon.

As John felt David’s body tense beneath him, he knew that he was close – so very close – to pushing him over the
edge into blissful oblivion. With one final thrust of his fingers, he felt David’s ass clench around them tightly
as he screamed out his orgasm, cumming hard all over John’s face and chest.

Exhausted but satisfied, the two men lay together on the beach, their naked bodies pressed close as they caught
their breath and basked in the afterglow of their passionate encounter. As the stars began to twinkle overhead,
they knew that this was just the beginning of a beautiful journey together – one filled with love, passion, and an
insatiable hunger for each other’s bodies.

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