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From cuckold with love; dedication and reward.

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three peopple in bed

(Innlegget er skrevet av brukeren Fossegrimen på Fetlife.com, og er gjengitt her med tillatelse fra skribenten)

The red light is dimmed. The candles are swaying in a slow, steady rythm, heating up the room in sync with the bodies of the two lovers in the bed, the light glittering off their sweatsoaked skin. Her moans fills the room and the low, sensual tunes from the speakers becomes as distant as if it was playing from a deep cave. For nearly a full hour the moans have risen and fallen in a long slow cycle. Risen up to the intense climaxes, and then fallen while the orgasms went from a searing fire to a slowly burning glow. Only to be rekindled and then fueled until they once again blaze as high as the heavens, as red as heated metal, and as loud as a blacksmiths forge.

In his eyes, her hair is superior to the finest fabrics. It frames her soft, beautiful eyes and mouth. Her hips exquisite. Her tummy and her legs is as if he shaped them from wet clay himself. Her breasts, glazed with sweat, are like shaped by the goddess of love herself. Between them, in a long, thin necklace, lies a key. The key to a lock. A lock to a cage. His chastitycage. Made from steel, it sits tightly around his rockhard member. It fights the steel cage, to no avail. Pushing against the bars. Longing for freedom, it drools unto the floor were he kneels. He rests his hands in his lap, palms up. Holding two clean, white towels; he waits patiently. Waits for her and her lover to be satisfied.

One hour ago the bedsheets were neatly tucked without a wrinkle. The pillows fluffed and full. Carefully placed. The bed was made with utter devotion and love by him, for her. Now the bedsheets are wet and messy. One pillow crushed under her head, one underneath her buttocks, so that her lover can thrust deeper into her. He placed and lit the candles carefully so that the light would compliment her bodys every contour and shape. He dimmed the red light so that only the bed, and her, would be highlighted.

He is sitting still. So carefully still. Afraid that the slightest movement will dirupt and ruin the magic that is his climaxing wife in front of him. His eyes follow her lovers every thrust. He admires her body as it twists and throbs beneath carefully measured but firm thrusts. His eyes follows her hands as her nails scratches her lovers skin, fluctuating between tight embrace and light caressing, feeling every part of her lovers body withing her reach.

His body nearly vibrates. The adrenaline rushes through him and his libido peaks, ignoring the pain from his hardening member being hindered by unrelenting steel. A string of precum flows painfully slow from the tip of his cock and unto a small, slowly increasing pool beneath him. Allthough he is denied, and have been mercilessly denied for some time now, it is as if he can feel her every sensation. As if he can feel her pleasure from every thrust of her lover radiating from her, into him. The sounds of the thrusts are like a physical force, striking him like a drum creating a rythm for her moans and sounds of pleasure to follow. A new orgasm causes her to shiver and tense her body. Weaker than before, but still; oh, so good.

Suddenly she lock her legs around her lovers hips and waist. She pulls her lover close. As he kisses her neck she wispers something into his ears. His hips thrusts faster. Harder. And as her lovers moans rises to a climax she turns her head away from him, and locks eyes with her husband. She moans, egging her lover closer and closer to the peak. And as her lover tumbles into the abyss of orgasm, emptying himself deep into her, her eyes waters and she lets out a last loving moan. All while staring into her beloved husbands eyes. He meets her gaze, drinking in the beauty of the scene before him. The gratefulness in her eyes for his submission, her hints of tears from the pleasure she is experiencing from her lovers cum filling her to the brim and the glow of pride for her husband that have obeyed her commands so well and made the evening so perfect and beautiful.

Her lover raises his head. They embrace and cuddle briefly. They caress and tease each other. Laughing and smiling like dear friends. Her husband raises his hands and offers the towels. After a short while her lover kisses her firmly, takes the towel, wipes himself off and gets dressed. He bids her goodbye and takes his leave. She takes a towel from her husbands hands and wipes, first her sweat, then her lovers juices. Afterwards, she turns to her husband. Lying on the side with her naked body turned towards him she smiles with a magnificent glow on her face. She lets him drink in the view while he glows with adoration. She pats the bed besides her. «Come here, you» she says affectionately. He takes a last look, and a deep breath. He crawls unto the bed and into her embrace. She cradles his head between her breats. He disappears into the softness. Feels her skin unto his. Her now soft nipples on his cheek. She intertwines his legs with her own. His member that fought so desperately before, calms. It rests semihard and wet from precum in its cage.

She holds him softly and caresses him. Her touch feels like pure energy is being transmitted from her fingertips and into his skin. It is tingling and soothing at the same time. Her fingers flows slowly through his hair. He embraces her. She wispers into his ear: «Such a good boy». His hearts swells with every word. «I am so proud of you, you did so well», «You made everything so nice for me, just like I imagined it». His heart swells with every word, until it feels like it is about to burst from his chest. His fills with warmth and he wishes with every fibre of his being that this moment would last forever.

The lock on his cage clicks open. The tiny sound breaks the silence in the room like a crack of thunder. Surprised he breathes heavily, almost as if panicking. He lies perfectly still. Anticipation and adrenaline makes every hair on his body stand up. Her hand carefully removes the cage from his cock. He lies there, submissive and speechless. Is this really happening? She wraps her hand around his cock as it grows until it is, again, harder than a rock. With a loving and gentle grip, she carefully start to stroke it.

Slowly. Gently. Lovingly. He gasps, his breath quickens. An intense sensation builds in his member, radiating with an intense heat that slowly spreads to every fibre of his body. She holds him on the edge with the experience and skill of a longtime, loving partner. He painfully clenches. Holds back the climax with every fiber of his body. His heartbeats becomes as thunder in his head. So afraid to let go too early. So afraid to disappoint her, his goddess. She laughs a teasing laugh, «Look at me, honey» she demands. He raises his gaze and again their eyes interlock. Her stare and teasing smirk nearly drives him over the edge. He bites his lip. Tears swells from his eyes. So afraid that the moment will end and she will scold him and lock him away again in shame. He whimpers, tears filling his eyes. She holds his gaze mercilessly. After what feels like hours she bares her teeth in a beautiful smile and commands: «Cum for me, bitch.»

Written by

Fossegrimen (www.fetlife.com)

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